Publication ethics

  1. The editorial board implements anti-ghostwriting procedure and anti-plagiarism policy as well as a policy of transparency of information on entities that contribute to the origin of publications (financial, technical and other input). In order to avoid the practices of ghostwriting and guest authorship, all authors have to declare that submitted manuscript is the genuine outcome of their own research. In the case of multiple authorship, the authors are required to enumerate all persons and institutions (financial disclosure), as well as the proportions of their contribution in the process of preparing the manuscript, its concept, methods, fundamentals. The main responsibility falls to the author submitting the manuscript.

  2. Readers can use texts from our webpage and databases concerning to licence CC BY.

  3. Submission of the texts, reviews and edition for publication for authors is free.

  4. Authors who submitted their papers to journal Iudaica Russica don’t lose their authors’ rights. They give us only the right for single publication and posting their paper on our website and databases.